We will send you a shipping label. Sellers based in the Netherlands will receive a PostNL shipping label. Sellers based outside the Netherlands will receive a DHL Express shipping label.

It is extremely important that you will hand your item to the right shipping company. If this does not happen, it is possible that we cannot trace the item or that the item will arrive too late at our authentication center and the system automatically cancels the item. We cannot undo this.

Please notice:

  • DHL Parcel is NOT THE SAME as DHL Express. Although the two carry the same name, you should see them as two different companies. Make sure that you are using DHL Express. You can find the nearest DHL Express location with the DHL Service Point Locator. Check this again with the collaborator when you hand in your item.

  • It is not possible to deliver your package in another country, even if the shipping company is also available there.

If the item is not shipped in accordance with the above conditions, the right to any compensation for loss or damage will lapse.

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