Return conditions 
Do you not like your purchase? Ordered the wrong size? Or do you prefer a different color? No problem! We want to solve this for you quickly. You can return a purchase within 30 days of receipt. Our return service is available for products that meet the following conditions:
  • The product is complete, in original condition and undamaged.
  • The product has the Restocks Verified Authentic tag still attached.
  • The product is in the original undamaged shoe box.
  • The product is unworn.
How can I return my order? Step by step:
  1. Click here to register your return.
  2. You will receive a shipping label by email.
  3. You ship your package.
  4. Restocks inspects your package.
  5. If your package passes the inspection, you will receive your refund.
How long do I have to return my order?
At Restocks you have 30 days, after receipt, to request your return. Once you have received a shipping label, you have another 3 business days to return your package.
Are there exceptions to the return policy?
Yes. The return policy does not apply to purchases delivered to countries outside the European Union
Can I try on ordered products before returning them?
Of course you can try on the received products. If we see damage, traces of use or wear that shows that more has happened than just trying the product, then the return will not be accepted.

What are the costs for returning my order?
Returning our products is completely free.
Please note: if your return is not accepted because it does not meet the conditions, then the return costs are for you.

What happens when I have returned my order?
As soon as your package has been received by us, you will be informed about the return process. We will send you a message when the package is processed and when you get your refund. Upon receipt of your return, we will process it within 14 days at the latest.

How long will it take before I get my purchase amount back?
As soon as we have received your return package, you will receive the purchase amount back within 14 working days. The amount will be refunded to your chosen payment method.

My question is not listed
Do you have any other comments or questions about our return service? Please contact us via our customer service.
Restocks reserves the right to refuse returns if there is any doubt about the integrity of the return.
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