What is the difference between Consign and Resell?

Consign gives you more freedom, service and speed. You send the shoes before they are sold. You have 5 business days to ship, so therefore you can determine how much you are in a hurry to sell. We check them immediately upon arrival and your advertisement will automatically go online. The moment your shoes are sold, you will be paid immediately!* In addition, you also receive a 5% discount on service costs. Kaaatjing!

With the Resell method, you send the shoes after the shoes have been sold. You have 2 working days to ship. Once the shoes have arrived at our authentication center, they will be checked and sent to the buyer within 3 working days. You will be paid within 5 working * days after approval, and you pay the standard service charge.


Payout Delay - Update 26 May 2022

The payment setup with our current payment provider no longer fits the size and needs of our organization and sellers. Unfortunately, this means that the payment term of 5 business days cannot be met in this setup. Therefore we temporarily need to adjust our payment terms to 15 business days. This is a temporary adjustment as we are working on implementing the solution. We also regret this enormously, because we would like to provide our seller with the service you can expect from us. We have been working on the new payment setup for some time, but to complete this properly we have to go through a time-consuming (technical) onboarding over which we have little influence. But know that the solution is coming!

More info via the link > PAYOUT DELAY

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