How should I send the item?

To keep our quality high, it is important that you ship the item correctly.


We have clear guidelines for this:

  • Put a copy of the sales confirmation you received by email in the shoe box.
  • Use a shipping box. So, no bag, satchel or loose (shoe) box. Avoid shipping boxes from Nike, Adidas, Snipes, Zalando and other commercial companies.
  • Do not use (too) large shipping boxes. There should be no more than 5 cm of clearance between the item's packaging and the shipping box (in both length and width).
  • Use internal protection to protect your sneakers and the accompanying box. (For example, newspaper or bubble wrap). If adequate protection is not present, products will not be refunded by Restocks.
  • Never put more than 1 item in the shipping box. More than 1 sale? Always use a separate shipping box and label per sale.
  • Use our shipping label at all times. Without our shipping label, we do not know which ad/sale your item belongs to. Restocks is not responsible for shipments sent with their own label. If using your own label, we ask that you report the number of the shipping label to us immediately upon submission.
  • Always make sure you receive proof of shipment when dropping off a package at the shipping company. Without valid proof of shipment, we will not process the claim. Please keep the shipping label in a safe place. The shipping label does not serve as proof of posting.
  • At all times, ship the item with the shipping company specified by us. Restocks is not responsible for shipments turned in to third parties, this includes UPS and PostNL Drop-off Lockers. Use of third-party service may cause a delay. As a result, an order may be cancelled if it does not arrive to us.
  • Hand over the package only in the country selected by you in your profile. Even if the same carrier is operating, issues may arise from delivering the package to another country. If this happens, you are responsible for the package and have no right to claim in case of damage, theft and/or loss.


Note: If items are not shipped according to our guidelines, the Private Seller is fully responsible for the shipment. This means that damages and/or lost items will not be reimbursed by Restocks.

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