What happens when a seller breaks the rules?

A Restocks purchase is binding, which means sales cannot simply be cancelled. The buyer has already paid for the item and assumes the transaction will be completed.

If a sale is not completed according to the rules, the Private Seller will receive an official warning. In this case the (authentication) costs, in the amount of are €20,-, are to be paid by the Private Seller. In case of a second flake, the Private Seller risks blocking of their account for an indefinite period of time.

This may happen if the Private Seller:

  • Sends an item that is not authentic.

  • Sends an item that does not meet our quality standards.

  • Sends shoes that have been worn.

  • Sends an item that in any way differs from the description stated on Restocks (e.g. size, SKU, colour, etc.).

  • Does not ship the item within the period specified.

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