With the Resell method, you send the shoes after the sneakers have been sold. You have 2 working days to ship your Sneakers to us. Once the shoes have arrived at our authentication center, they will be checked. If they have been verified, you will get paid within 40 business days, and you pay the standard 10% service costs and 20 EUR for shipping operational fees. Please note that these payout days are an indication.



With consign, we take care of everything after you have sent the sneakers to us.

Therefore, you send the sneakers to us before they are sold. You have 5 business days to ship, meaning, you can determine how much in a hurry you are to sell your sneakers. We check your sneakers immediately upon arrival and your advertisement will automatically be published online. The moment your sneakers are sold, you will be paid within 40 business days. In addition, you receive a 5% discount on the service costs. Please note that these payout days are an indication.


For more information about the payouts, you can click here.

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