Is your parcel on the way, but did it never arrive?

Contact our support team within 14 days after shipment. We will try to track your package in collaboration with the shipping company. If this does not work, we will submit a claim to the shipping company to investigate the matter. It takes an average of 3-4 weeks to complete a claim investigation.

For pending claims, we will always contact you within 3-4 weeks as soon as we have an update on the status of your parcel.

Please note (COVID-19 update): in the current situation, we have noticed that carriers are under extra pressure and, as a result, the investigations and claims take longer than usual. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control.

PAY ATTENTION! The right to any compensation for loss or damage lapses if:

  • The item was not shipped with our designated shipping company.

  • The item was not shipped with the shipping label provided by us.

  • There is no proof of shipment.

  • The claim has not been made within 14 days of shipment.

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