How should I send the item?

To keep our quality high, it is important that you send the item correctly!

We have clear guidelines for this:

  • Put a copy of the sales confirmation you received by email in the shoe box.

  • Use a shipping box. So no bag or loose (shoe) box.

  • Do not use (too) large boxes. There should be a maximum of 5 centimeters of clearance between the item packaging and the shipping box (in both length and width).

  • Never put more than 1 item in the shipping box. More than 1 sale? Always use a separate shipping box and label for each sale.

  • Always use our shipping label. Without our shipping label, we don't know which ad / sale your item belongs to.

  • Make sure you always receive a shipping receipt when you drop off a package at the shipping company. Without a proof of shipping, we cannot make a claim if a package has not arrived and your package is therefore not insured.

  • Always ship the item with the shipping company indicated by us.

Note: If items are not shipped according to our guidelines, the Private Seller is fully responsible for shipping. This means that damage and / or lost products will not be reimbursed by Restocks.

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