Does it impact shipping and delivery (for the seller & buyer)?

Yes, unfortunately we have noticed that carriers are extremely busy and some processes may be delayed.

Potential effects:

  • The track & trace information for the parcels is not always up to date, which effectively means it does not show the latest information. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. Carriers are currently under extra pressure and are behind on their schedules as a result. Please note: if you are a seller who is still receiving emails reminding you to ship your item, although you have already done so, please contact us as soon as possible. If not, your sale may automatically be cancelled, which we cannot reverse.

  • It may (temporarily) be impossible to make deliveries in specific areas called “Red Zones”. If this is the case, we will contact you and whenever possible, we will ship your item with another carrier. If this is not an option, we are forced to temporarily hold on to your item until we can make a delivery. Unfortunately, we cannot cancel these orders.

  • Unfortunately, some shipments and deliveries are delayed for reasons unknown (to us). All the information we receive in this case is “Unknown delay due to COVID-19 impact”. We have to be patient and give the carrier some extra time to process the shipments and deliveries in these challenging times.

Thank you for understanding!

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