hese conditions apply to the use of discount codes that are offered to you by Restocks B.V. (restocks.nl). By using the restocks.nl discount codes, you agree with these conditions.

  1. These conditions apply to digital and printed discount codes offered by restocks.nl.

  2. In many cases, digital discount codes are linked to an e-mail address. The discount code only works if the relevant e-mail address is used when ordering products. The discount code cannot be used in combination with another e-mail address.

  3. The nature, duration and expiry date of an offer and other specific conditions of use can be found in the communication in which the discount code is included. Each discount code is valid for a certain period; after this period, the discount code can no longer be used.

  4. Discount codes issued by restocks.nl can be used for purchases at restocks.nl (restocks.nl b.v.). The discount codes are not valid for products offered via www.restocks.nl by third parties, such as products from external restocks.nl sellers and second-hand products.

  5. You cannot use discount codes for open orders.

  6. Unless stated otherwise, each discount code can only be used once per person and per e-mail address.

  7. If a discount code is used for products whose (total) price is below the value of the discount code, the remaining value of the discount code will expire.

  8. Offers are valid while stocks last.

  9. If you return the products for which you have used the discount code, the discount will expire.

  10. You cannot exchange discount codes for money. With a discount code, you cannot get a discount on products other than the products for which the relevant discount code promotion applies and which are further described in the communications in which the discount code is included.

  11. Discount codes are issued once. No compensation will be paid in the event of theft or loss. Loss also includes the (accidental) deletion of e-mails.

  12. You are not allowed to change or falsify discount codes, including hacking, spreading viruses, spamming or forwarding.

  13. You cannot use discount codes for commercial purposes and/or purposes other than those for which they were issued.

  14. Every (attempted) fraud or other illegal act will be registered and will result in the right to use discount codes being revoked.

  15. For each order, you can redeem an unlimited amount in gift vouchers or a combination of no more than one discount code and an unlimited amount in gift vouchers.

  16. The discount code is not valid in combination with other discount promotions.

Redeeming your discount code is very easy:

  1. The conditions and options for use differ per discount code. Therefore, carefully read the e-mail in which the discount code is given.

  2. Place one or more products in your basket. If you are logged in, some discount codes will be settled directly in your basket.

  3. Go to “Buy Now”.

  4. After logging in and checking your details, you can enter the discount code when paying, insofar as this is necessary (and the situation under 2 does not apply). Enter the code exactly (numbers, letters, dashes).

  5. Tip: the discount code will not work if you place a product for which the discount does not apply (as mentioned above under 6) in your basket.

If you have questions or comments about the use of discount codes or if you encounter problems with entering, please contact our customer service.



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