What happens if my item gets lost or damaged when selling through Restocks?

Despite all the strict measures, it is possible that an item may get lost or damaged during transit. In case this happens to you, please contact our support team within 14 days of the shipping date with "Lost Shipment" as the subject and clearly state the sale number and the problem in your message.

It is important that Private Sellers keep the proof of shipment until the sale is complete. Sellers are responsible for their own sales and checking their shipments at all times.


My package has not left the drop-off point according to the tracking information:

The moment no other physical scans are visible in the tracking information, the package must still be at the drop-off point. Your sale will then be cancelled automatically. You must contact the relevant shipping company and/or drop-off point to retrieve the package. Shipments that do not leave the drop-off point are excluded from any compensation.


My package is on its way, but the tracking information does not give any updates for 3 business days:

If your package has left the drop-off point but has not yet reached us, we will initiate an investigation with the carrier. Please note that such an investigation takes 3-4 weeks on average, depending on the complexity it may take longer. To start an investigation please send our support team a message within 14 days after the shipment of your package with the subject "Lost shipment" and clearly mention your sales number and the problem. After the 14-day period, we will no longer process claims and the shipment is excluded from any reimbursement.


My package arrived empty:

lf your package arrives without the expected products we will request the corresponding weight scans from the carrier. Receiving the weight scans takes on average 4 to 6 weeks.


My item was returned by Restocks, but I have not received the item:

The tracking information indicates the item has been delivered, but you have not received the item. If so, please contact our support team within 3 days of the delivery date. In the contact form, enter the subject "Lost shipment" and clearly state your product ID and the problem. After the 3-day period, we will no longer process claims and the shipment is excluded from any reimbursement.


I used a private label to ship my package:

Restocks is not responsible for shipments sent using its own label.


I initiated my own claim with the carrier:

An investigation consists of both the carrier's investigation and our own investigation. The outcome of the carrier's investigation is not leading. Claims initiated on your own with the carrier without informing us in a timely manner will not be processed.


I used a PO Box address:

The use of PO Boxes for deliveries is prohibited for both sellers and buyers. To ensure safe and successful delivery, we always recommend selecting an address that can be verified in our system. If you choose to continue to use an unverified shipping address, responsibility from Restocks is void.

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