Il mio acquisto è arrivato nel centro di autenticazione, quando riceverò il pagamento?

Dear valued seller,

As a start-up of three years, we only have witnessed exceptional growth which makes us extremely proud. But besides great joy and pleasure, exceptional growth also comes with challenges. We have always shared and celebrated our highs with you. Now it is time to be transparent about an issue that we are experiencing.

What is the issue?

The payment setup with our current payment provider no longer fits the size and needs of our organization and sellers. Unfortunately, this means that the payment term of 5 business days cannot be met in this setup. Therefore we temporarily need to adjust our payment terms to 15 business days after authentication. This is a temporary adjustment as we are working on implementing the solution. We also regret this enormously, because we would like to provide our seller with the service you can expect from us. We have been working on the new payment setup for some time, but to complete this properly we have to go through a time-consuming (technical) onboarding over which we have little influence. But know that the solution is coming!

What is the solution?

We are in the process of setting up a new payment process with our new payment provider: HyperWallet. This payment setup enables automatic and instant payouts for our sellers and will reduce the payment term to 1-2 working days. Our technical team is working around the clock to implement the new payment system as soon as possible. In addition, we are also upscaling our customer service team so that we can respond quickly to your requests.

This all being said, we want to genuinely apologise for the inconvenience this has cost and the promises we could not keep. We are aware that this is a serious issue that is being addressed company-wide with the highest priority. At the same time, we ask you for your patience and understanding for our situation.

We will overcome this issue and hope to continue our collaboration in the future. 


With love,


Team Restocks

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